AttucksAdams will guide your Washington experience as we walk its monuments, memorials, and neighborhoods.



Capitol Hill

Witness government in action on this customized, behind-the-scenes walking tour. Explore the labyrinth of tunnels beneath House Office Buildings, discuss how an idea can become law, visit your Representative's office, or drop in on a live Congressional hearing. This tour is by nature dynamic, and influenced by current events.



With memorials to figures as diverse as Abraham Lincoln, Mary McLeod Bethune, Albert Pike, Jeanne d'Arc, and Sonny Bono, Washington, DC has layers and layers of history waiting to be interpreted and decoded. We'll walk you through each memorial using our deep knowledge and contextualization while giving you time to look, observe, and reflect.



If you've explored the National Mall and are ready for next level immersion into the District, consider touring its remarkable neighborhoods. We'll walk, take a short bus ride, or Metro to one of the District's distinctive neighborhoods, where a mix of American history, hidden memorials, and local landmarks will make for a new DC experience.

See Our Government in Action


Before a bill reaches the floor of the House and Senate chambers in the Capitol Building for a vote, it must first be drafted, vetted, and scrutinized in the halls of the House of Representative and Senate Office Buildings. Witness government in action during this custom walking tour as we explore the labyrinth of tunnels beneath House Office Buildings, discuss how a single idea can become the law of the land, visit your Representative's office, and drop in on a live Congressional hearing. 


House Office Buildings

Go behind the scenes and underground as we explore this side of the Hill. Thousands of legislative assistants, correspondents, pages, and support staff work alongside members of Congress to make this part of Capitol Hill an exciting, fast-paced part of DC not seen on standard tours. If time permits, we'll visit your Representative's office to say hello.


You’ll get a written account of official Hill activity for the day of your visit. If there are committee hearings taking place during your visit, you will have the option of attending a session (5-10 minute visit, based on seating availability). The tour leader will also discuss the role of committees and Congressional hearings in the law making process.

The Supreme Court

We will discuss the role of the Supreme Court in the lawmaking process and note upcoming cases on the docket, if applicable. Time permitting, we'll stop for a photo op on the steps of the Supreme Court Building. 

United States Capitol Building

This tour does not include entering the Capitol Building. If you wish to tour the Capitol Building, please contact your House Representative’s or Senator’s office; or schedule directly with Capitol Visitors Center.


Access to Congressional office buildings requires passage through airport-style security, including metal detectors. Please travel as light as possible. Phones and cameras are permitted. Generally, common sense prevails, but if you have a question, just ask!

There are no other restrictions on dress, but consider that the tour takes place in a professional setting and may include attendance at Congressional hearings or a visit to your Representative's office.

Duration: 2 hours.

Cost: $50 per person. Group rate of $250 for groups of 6-10. BOOK NOW


Historical Context & Modern Interpretation

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial

Civil War to Civil Rights: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr Memorials

The opening of the Lincoln Memorial in 1922 served as a metaphorical marker for how Americans view the period of Civil War to Reconstruction. There are many monuments to Lincoln (including multiple in Washington, DC alone), but the Lincoln Memorial anchors the western end of the National Mall and has helped craft the American consciousness around the 16th President, his personal journey, and his role as the leader of a divided nation that was split, then reunified under his watch.

Just 30 years after the opening of the Lincoln Memorial, a recent Doctoral grad named Martin Luther King Jr worked with other civil rights organizers, including Rosa Parks, to institute the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Boycott was a critical moment in the quest for civil rights and helped push Dr. King into the national realm of the developing Civil Rights movement in the American South. His memorial is both a complement and contrast to the Presidential memorials that surround it, especially Mr. Lincoln's. 

This tour will highlight the ways in which each memorials landscape, design, and featured content attempt to inform visitors about the lives and legacies of these two transcendent figures.

Duration: 75-80 minutes.

Cost: $195 per group (up to 20 participants).

Lafayette Park + The Ellipse | The White House

The White House is located in the heart of the District of Columbia. Just two blocks from the National Mall and the monuments, yet embedded within the institutional and commercial areas of the District. The White House is an important and accessible cultural marker shared by the residents of the District and visitors alike.

On this tour, we will explore Lafayette Park and the Ellipse, the parks directly north and south of the White House. The monuments, buildings, and markers surrounding the White House will help us tell the story of a nation’s journey from nascent democracy to thriving and diverse country of individuals with varied interests and a common foundation.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Cost: $20 per person.

War Commemorations: Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans, Korean War, and World War II Memorials

These four memorials are linked by more than immediate proximity. In three very distinctive ways, they mark a major, years-long,  civil wars; and in the case of the WWII Memorial, World War. The American stories of World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and American Civil War (in the form of homage to Abraham Lincoln) are told in four very different ways through these memorials.

This tour will focus on the physical and implied elements within each memorial and how they speak to particular interpretations of such large scale wars. At the Lincoln Memorial, the tour will also focus on the role of heroic memorials in shaping the legacy and world-view of an individual (especially Lincoln himself).

Duration: 2 hours.

Cost: $40 per person.

COMING SOON: Arlington National Cemetery

COMING SOON: Arlington National Cemetery

COMING SOON: Thomas Jefferson and George Mason Memorials

COMING SOON: Thomas Jefferson and George Mason Memorials

COMING SOON: Neighborhood tours taking a close look at the world right outside our very own doors.

Judiciary Square

Judiciary Square



Thomas Circle and 14th Street NW

Thomas Circle and 14th Street NW

U Street NW

U Street NW